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AARS Easy Early Music Group

If you haven’t played the recorder for quite a while and are seriously out of practice, or if you are beginning with the instrument, you may want to participate in our Easy Early Music Group. This is a very friendly group of people interested in improving their recorder skills in a relaxed, forgiving, non-judgmental musical environment. Occasional musical train wrecks are regarded as part of the fun. We play 3-part (soprano, alto, tenor, or soprano, alto, bass) and 4-part (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) arrangements of English country dance music, Renaissance dances, madrigals, and music by Purcell, Handel, Bach, Boismortier, O’Carolan, Lully and others. These are played at a sufficiently leisurely tempo to put them within our grasp. Music is provided. Practice lists are sent out ahead of time, and we also do some sight reading. This is not a performance group.

We assume that you are familiar with musical notation in treble clef (bass clef if you’re playing the bass recorder), and that you are learning or have learned the basic fingering for your instrument—the stuff on your instrument’s fingering chart.

We meet in Ann Arbor at the homes of members of the group. For further information and meeting times, please contact contact Kevin Gilson - (734) 412-9131