Ann Arbor Recorder Society

Recorders & Recorder music for all ages

The Ann Arbor Recorder Society (AARS) is a recorder consort in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We welcome participation in our musical group by all players of recorders and of other early instruments. Our repertoire covers the entire period from Medieval and Renaissance to Baroque. We rehearse once a month from September to June (see schedule). 

Janet Cannon is our music director.   

NOTICE:  Due to the Corona Virus, the Turner Senior Center has been closed and the Annual AARS  Spring Workshop has been canceled.   All fees have been returned.

Note: Meetings for the 2020-2021 season remain suspended, with the exception of online meetings via Zoom in February and April 2021 at 7:30pm.  See the Special Events page for more information.   

The Spring Concert in June is also suspended as St. Andrews Church is currently closed until further notice.  Please look at the Special Events Page for details.

   Drop in on one of our monthly meetings, when they resume, as listed in the schedule or 
   contact Kevin Gilson - (734) 412-9131  
           or Sindi Keesan - (914) 236-6123 

    or email - info@a2recordersociety.org

    There is no charge to drop in and play at one of our monthly meetings 

    If you wish to join, dues are $45 per year plus $7 if you wish to keep the provided music.​